Novak Djokovic’s Dominance at Wimbledon and the Importance of Elasticity in Tennis

2023-07-07 23:34:55

Novak Djokovic took the Wimbledon third round match against Stan Wawrinka in straight sets. Although the Serb dominated most of the match, the Swiss stood up to him in the last set. Thus, Nole went through the routine press conference where he praised his rival and talked about how his elasticity helps him continue to dominate tennis.

On his match with Wawrinka

“I enjoyed the first two sets, after that it was a bit dramatic. I think I lowered the level a bit and he raised it. I could feel that time was ticking because of the curfew. We both knew going on court that the most we could play was three sets. If we were to win, one of us had to do it in straight sets. I’m happy it was me.

He is a multiple Grand Slam champion, someone who has been to these kinds of occasions many times. He has beaten me in two Grand Slam finals. So he has a lot of experience playing in these circumstances. I knew that he was not going to give up after the second set. He went to change and came back a different player. We had a head-to-head and I think it was fair to end the game in a tie break.”

On her thinness and elasticity: “That helps me extend my career

“It is difficult for me to lose more weight than I already am or was a few years ago. I went through my phases where I was also very skinny. I had to fight some problems with my stomach. Now I feel great and I think I have optimal weight at the moment. That’s a superficial thing, there are many more important factors than just body weight. You need to combine it with being dynamic, powerful and flexible.

Tennis is quite a complex sport in this sense, it requires a player to have a really great balance between all these physical traits. Then again, we are all different and have different bodies. I have always worked a lot on my flexibility, from a very young age they taught me that it was extremely important because that will give me longevity. That helps me extend my career and continue competing at the highest level, it helps me prevent any injury.

Fortunately for me, I’ve only had one major injury that kept me out of the loop for almost a year on and off with elbow surgery. Other than that, I’ve had a few muscle tears and injuries, but overall I’ve stayed healthy, considering the intensity of my career and the number of games I’ve played in the last 20 years.

On the flattery of Pedro Cachín

“That was a very nice thing to hear, especially when it comes from your colleague and rival, someone you share the circuit with. When they recognize that you are trying to make an effort for them through the PTPA as well, (Professional Tennis Players Association) is the best thing I could hear.

I really don’t care much what other people have to say except the players because they know what the PTPA is and what I’ve been trying to do for the players for over 10 years. I am very happy that it has been recognized”.

About Hurkacz

“He is a very complete player in general, I don’t see too many holes in his game. So I know it will be the toughest challenge for me in the tournament so far. No set has been left. I have seen how he is playing and he is very comfortable on grass. He beat Federer here a few years ago and he doesn’t mind playing in a big stadium. He’s a good guy and it’s going to be a great battle. I’m looking forward to it and I’ll have to do my best to win.”

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