On his 39th birthday… a timeline of Prince Harry’s disputes with his family

2023-09-17 09:39:10
Many observers of British royal affairs were optimistic about the news of peace between the two countries Prince Harry And his father, King Charles, after news circulated about a meeting between father and son in September 2023, but expectations about this meeting decreased again, after a royal source revealed that King Charles will not meet his son Harry during his visit to London, as the king will be very busy at this time, His schedule will not allow for a meeting with Prince Harry, according to the Daily Mail. Let the page of disagreements remain between Prince Harry and his royal family.

During the celebration of Prince Harry’s 39th birthday, which coincides with September 15, we monitor the chronology of the outbreak of the crisis between Harry and Buckingham>

October 2019: The beginning of the disputes

Signs of disagreements began between Prince Harry and his wife on the one hand and the royal family on the other hand, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave their fans a hint, indicating their desire to spend some time away from royal life, when they announced that they would leave on a six-week vacation as a family vacation with their son, “Archie.” “.

January 2020: Step down from royal duties

The couple’s official account announced a major change in their royal path, confirming their desire after several months of thinking about stepping down from royal duties. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth announced her support for her grandson after his decision to step down from his royal duties, despite saying that she had hoped for Harry and Meghan’s royal activities to continue. She confirmed her support for Harry’s wishes, whatever they may be.

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March 2020: Moving to the United States

Prince Harry and his wife moved to the United States of America, after spending two months in Canada after their decision to step down, according to The Sun.

March 2021: Harry’s TV interviews

Prince Harry and his wife held an interview with the famous media personality, Oprah Winfrey, and during the meeting they revealed several secrets related to Buckingham Palace. Meghan Markle, with the support of her husband, claimed that she had been subjected to bullying from the royal family, because of the color of her skin and its effect on the features of her expected child. Buckingham Palace responded to this meeting, expressing its sadness, and stressing that what was raised in the meeting will be discussed internally.

Charles got angry

In the same year, King Charles made a decision to stop financial allocations to “Harry” and “Meghan,” and a royal source revealed King Charles’ anger at his son’s meeting with “Oprah,” and accused Buckingham Palace of racism and bullying, according to US Weekly.
Days after the meeting, Prince William responded to the information provided by “Harry” and “Meghan,” and “William” said that his family is not racist at all, according to the list.
In the same month, Prince Harry appeared to talk about the destruction of his mental health due to life in Britain, and that his decision to step down came to protect his son from living the same life he had.

October 2022: Harry’s diary announced

Prince Harry announced the official contract to publish his memoirs, and confirmed that they will be on the market on January 8, 2023. Indeed, the memoirs were released and there was widespread controversy because of them, during which Prince Harry touched on his childhood and his feeling that he was his brother’s backup all the time. He also accused Princess Kate of mistreating her. His wife, Megan Merkel, in addition to accusing his brother, Prince William, of assaulting him, according to The Guardian.

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December 2020: Harry and Meghan film released

In a series of 10 episodes, the duo appeared on one of the famous platforms, and during the series they talked about their suffering inside Buckingham Palace, where Megan Merkel revealed that she was thinking about suicide more than once, and Prince Harry said that he left the palace on the run after stepping down because his life was in danger.
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