one falls into failure… and the other jumps into the boat!

Orestes and Rafa have once again starred in a very even duel in ‘El Rosco’, with an ending as exciting as it is unexpected. Both are still looking for the jackpot, which reaches 1,240,000 euros.

Neither trusts the other’s strategy, because they always save an ace for the moment of the outcome. After completing a remarkable first round, with 21 hits for the man from Burgos and 19 for the man from Seville, it remained to reveal precisely his best cards, the most complicated words.

The first one who has risked has ended up paying with a failure, from which he has not been able to recover. The other, with more luck, has kept his options to the point of trying to go for the pot.

Discover in the video who has been the victory and who will have to play the ‘Blue Chair’!

I’m sure you’ll like it too…

Emilio Buale, actor in ‘The Protected: the return’… and firefighter from Madrid: “I am a lucky one who has two vocational professions”

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