OR joins hands with Thai Post Office to test EV Bike, deliver products and develop electric vehicles in the future

HoonSmart.com>>PTT oil and retail Signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the electric vehicle and parcel testing project between OR and the Thai Post, piloting the use of electric motorcycles (EV Bikes) by Thai Honda to transport goods and parcels. Laksi and Chatuchak post offices are ready to collect and analyze information for future development opportunities.

Ms. Jiraporn Khaosawad, Chief Executive Officer and President, PTT Oil and Retail Business (OR), revealed that one of OR’s missions is to create Seamless Mobility by focusing on the needs of consumers and the sector. business as well as strive to drive the use of electricity for travel and transportation to be widespread in the country Electric motorcycles are considered as another goal of OR’s business development in order to become a platform provider of full electric vehicle business. Because a motorcycle is a vehicle that consumers can easily access. Has a large number of users It can also be easily switched to electric power. Therefore, if OR can develop a platform of the electric vehicle business asap. whether it is a charging station, charger, car, motorcycle battery replacement cabinet Service application As well as repairing or taking care of EVs will attract more consumers to turn to electric cars or motorcycles.

This collaboration with Thai Post and Thai Honda, which is considered a leader in parcel delivery and automotive industry. It can be regarded as an upgrade of parcel delivery to be energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is also in line with one of OR’s goals of creating a fertile environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions spanning the entire business to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 and achieve net zero carbon emissions by the year. 2050 as well

Dr. Danan Suphatthaphan, President of Thailand Post Co., Ltd., revealed that “The Thai Post is a national transportation agency that operates in parallel with environmental sustainability. Including the use of resources with value. It is also determined to apply transportation technology to the service for Thai people. With a commitment to reduce environmental impacts in a sustainable way according to the Green Logistics Policy especially by working with partner agencies from both the public and private sectors to study the ways for electric vehicles to be used in postal transportation services in various areas. This collaboration with OR is another important step that will enhance the efficiency of clean energy distribution.

Thailand Post plans to use 250 electric cars for postal transportation in 2022, which is expected to help save resources by more than 30%. Eco-friendly electric vehicle ecosystem in Thailand significantly. and become a role model for green logistics service providers in the future,” concluded Dr. Danan.

Mr. Nattachai Srisowanna, Chief Executive Officer of Business Planning Group, Thai Honda Company Limited, said, “This is another important step for Thai Honda. which has joined forces with both the public and private sectors, with OR and the post office, to further develop parcel delivery with EVs. We have delivered 2 electric motorcycle models, PCX electric and BENLY e: a total of 20 vehicles with and installing a battery swap point at the Laksi and Chatuchak post offices It aims to promote and upgrade the transportation that is more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, with Thai Honda as the leader of the Thai motorcycle industry. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions for the environment to create a sustainable society. It is the origin of the development of electric motorcycles and the EV ecosystem in Thailand, along with promoting and to continue the development towards the future of new forms of transportation in Thai society.”

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