FVG demonstration: Minister Mory Condé hits the table

2023-09-04 22:32:03

The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Mory Condé, has just reiterated the decision of the CNRD prohibiting any demonstration on the public highway.

In a press release published on the evening of Monday, September 4, 2023, Mory Condé maintains that on the eve of the “historic day” of September 5, the transitional authorities understand “the patriotic spirit of the population to commemorate the forces defense and security”.

However, he says he notes with “regret” the existence of a large number of announcements relating to the celebration of September 5. This is why he made a point of recalling and reiterating the “formal ban” on support movements and demonstrations on the public highway. He warns “all persons who violate this measure, taken for the essential purpose of preserving public tranquility and ensuring citizens the right to go about their occupations without hindrance”.

Therefore, the Minister invites everyone to respect this prohibition and to show civic responsibility and also says to urge citizens to comply with the rules. Mory Condé finally invited governors, prefects, sub-prefects and mayors to strictly enforce the content of this press release. “By doing so, we will all contribute to maintaining a secure, harmonious environment conducive to the development of our country”.

It should be remembered that a concert directed by Takana Zion Oudy 1st etc. will be organized at the people’s palace to support the actions of the CNRD.

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