“Our attention is focused on society’s problems” – 2024-04-01 16:37:51

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, continuing the program of visits with the aim of contacting the citizens, was in Moschato, where he spoke in the central square.

“Greece is a European country. The country is called upon to face major challenges in an environment of geopolitical instability. Only ND guarantees safety on site. You also found this on the occasion of the debate in the Parliament on the motion of no confidence. The result was as expected. The debate was revealing of how the opposition parties are instrumentalizing a tragedy and troubling themselves. ND is focused on society’s problems,” he said, among other things. He also mentioned the increase in the minimum wage and the establishment of non-state universities, emphasizing that public institutions will also be strengthened. He added that more than 1 billion resources have been directed to health, while underlining the importance of the European elections “to negotiate your rights in Brussels” as he characteristically said.

The Prime Minister will then meet with citizens at the “Sims” cafe.

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