“Overcoming Defeat: How Bianca Belair Rose Above Adversity with Help from John Cena”

2023-02-15 08:00:00

Let’s rewind for a moment to SummerSlam 2021.

A show marked among other things by the heavy defeat of Bianca Belair against Becky Lynch in 26 seconds. WWE’s EST had lost their SmackDown Championship title and part of their self-confidence there.

This is in any case what transpires from his last passage in the podcast Out of Character by Ryan Satin. Belair described the moments that followed his exit from the ring and the intervention of John Cena to try to restore his spirits:

“Sometimes you have the feeling that the worst thing has just happened to you, and it ends up turning into an excellent storyline of more than 1 year, and there the loop is closed, which is what happened for me. But when you’re in the moment, it can be really complicated. This defeat in 26 seconds was very complicated for me. I remember going to see my husband. We always allowed ourselves to express what we felt him and me. And in fine we were in mode:

“Okay, I totally understand why you’re feeling bad, but how do we get out of this?” We can’t stay in such a state of mind. Let’s try to think bigger. »

And then John Cena arrived. He took me with him and talked to me. He really helped me look at all of this with new eyes, and I will keep this different way of seeing things until the end of my career. »

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