Owner with horse on busy train; Traveled 23km, finally?

A 40-year-old man rides a horse on a passenger train with no place to turn. Railway police have registered a case against him and arrested him after the pictures were circulated on social media. The incident took place in Bengal. Gafoor Ali Mollah boarded the Sealdah-Diamond Harbor train on Thursday after returning from a horse race. And he put his horse in a crowded bogie. He traveled by train from South Durgapur to Netra.

After seeing the horse and passengers on the train, everyone took pictures and videos on their phones and shared them on social media. With this the horse ride was gaining popularity. Later, the Railway Police registered a case against the owner and arrested him. He traveled 23 km on a passenger train with his horse.

English Summary: Horse Seen Travelling In Train In Bengal, Owner Arrested

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