Park Jung-min, “I went to Korea University”… ‘Kwak Tube’ Kwak Jun-bin ignores, ‘I’m in tears’ (World Knight Restaurant)

2023-09-24 23:46:00

[OSEN=유수연 기자] Actor Park Jung-min mentioned his educational background at Korea University.

In EBS’s ‘Kwak Jun-bin’s World Knight’s Restaurant’, which aired on the 24th, an unbroadcast episode was released as an epilogue.

While unaired footage of Kwak Joon-bin and actor Park Jung-min’s trip to Kyrgyzstan was released, the two were captured having dinner.

Kwak Jun-bin introduced shashlik, a skewered dish, saying, “It’s the most famous Central Asian food. If you grill it on charcoal like that, everything becomes shashlik,” and ordered a variety of shashlik and plov (fried rice).

The ordered food came out one after another, and while the eating show was having fun, Park Jung-min continued to ask Kwak Jun-bin questions about the local language.

Kwak Jun-bin, who was answering the question, said, “You’ll forget it. “Anyway,” he laughed, and Park Jung-min said, “Are you ignoring me? “I went to Korea University,” he said angrily.

In response, Kwak Jun-bin asked, “You’re famous. How long have you been attending school?” and Park Jung-min responded, “First semester,” and smiled as if embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Park Jung-min entered the Department of Humanities at Korea University. However, he dropped out of Korea University to major in acting and re-entered the Film Department of the Korea National University of Arts.


[사진] EBS ‘Kwak Jun-bin’s World Driver’s Restaurant’

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