Tragic Medical Mishap: The Story of Dr. Olfat Mahmoud’s Battle and Demise

2023-09-24 17:23:00
After suffering for many months, as a result of complications and medical damage that she suffered after the removal of a benign brain tumor, and her entering a coma, Dr. Olfat Mahmoud (63 years old), the mother of the writer Shaker Khazal, died this evening, ending a course of treatment that began with surgery and quickly developed into a threatening danger. life.

Mahmoud’s story began last March 28, when she was admitted to a hospital in Beirut to remove a benign brain tumor, but she later emerged with major damage, and did not fully wake up from her coma, and as a result she was quickly admitted to intensive care.

As a result of the follow-up, her son Khazaal was informed, after a while, that his mother was infected with bacteria, which was transmitted to her inside the hospital, usually as a result of poor hygiene, which required her to be admitted to care again.

Olfat Mahmoud passed away today, after her body succumbed to the new disease, and after she struggled for a long time with the medical complications resulting from the surgery, and amid questions about the truth of what happened to her and the reality of medical negligence inside the hospital.

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