Kannur District Council Merger: State Council Unites with LJD-RJD Gathirumanam Sanpoorna — Top News in Kerala

2023-09-24 19:18:00
Kannur: State council to merge with LJD-RJD Gathirumanam Sanpoorna approved the meeting in the District Council of Kannur. The event held at the Chamber Hall was attended by State General Secretary M.K. Bhaskar inaugurated. District President K.P. Mohan presided. RJD working at national level to wipe out fascist forces Merger with UMA will be socialist for democracy movements in Kerala He said that he will give strength to the beds.

O.K. resigned from various parties and joined LJD. Rajeev, K. Muhammad Rafi, P.P. Sebastian, K.K. Balan gave acceptance to the initiates. State General Secretaries K.P. Chandran, V.K. Kunjiraman, state committee members K.P. Prashant, P. Valsaraj, Mahila Janata Dal State President O.P. Sheeja, National Council member P.K. Praveen spoke.

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