pas de Slafkovsky, Caufield, Guhle, Dach

It is this afternoon starting at 3 p.m. that the Montreal Canadiens’ annual Reds vs. Whites game will be held.

It’s a super accessible event that also gives many young fans the chance to see their favorite players in action.

Unfortunately, this year, the rosters for both teams feature no big names.

Indeed, the Juraj Slafkovsky, Cole Caufield, Kaiden Guhle, Kirby Dach, Jordan Harris and Justin Barron of this world will not participate in this game.

They should therefore play tomorrow’s game against the New Jersey Devils with all the other players not playing today.

Fans will at least be happy to see John Parker-Jones in action.

On a more serious note, exciting and interesting players like Arber Xhekaj, Filip Mesar, Joshua Roy and Owen Beck will at least be in uniform.

Of course we must not forget that several players such as Nick Suzuki Joel Edmundson, Josh Anderson and Sean Monahan are injured.

It remains all the same that it is very unfortunate that several big names will not be playing today.

This Reds vs. Whites game is the most accessible and affordable event in terms of prize money, and is therefore perhaps the only game of the season that some fans will be able to attend.

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So while there are still two more games at the Bell Center this week (Monday the 26th against the New Jersey Devils and Thursday the 29th against the Winnipeg Jets) in which some big names will be playing, these are much less accessible to multiple supporters.

You should also know that it is generally a very family event.

There are always a lot of young fans who come to watch this game.

Being in the afternoon, this match is also one of the only ones that young children can go to see since the rest of the season, the matches are often at 7 p.m. or even 8 p.m.

A game in the afternoon is therefore for some fans the only great opportunity to see their favorite players in action.

Well, with rosters like that, pretty much every fan won’t be able to see their favorite players.

In short, it’s a big disappointment for many hockey fans.

The match will be broadcast on television on RDS Info and will also be available via webcast on the

Tomorrow, Juraj Slafkovsky should therefore make his debut.

A lot of

As I said.

– The CH does not want to deviate from its plan, I imagine.

– Scott Perunovich saisira-t-il sa chance?

– Big victory for the World team.

– Which prospect to watch for each of the 32 NHL teams?

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