Pashinyan: Azerbaijan wants total war – 2024-03-08 18:27:44

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan today accused Azerbaijan of wanting “total war” with Armenia, two days after fresh deadly border clashes between the two Caucasus countries.

“Our analyzes show that the Azerbaijan wants to start military actions in some areas of the border with the prospect of a military escalation that will turn into an all-out war against Armenia,” said Pasinian during the cabinet.

Armenia and Azerbaijan blamed each other on Tuesday for firing on the border between the two countries near Nerkin Khand in southeastern Armenia, in an incident that caused four deaths among Armenian soldiers, according to Yerevan.

“Azerbaijan continues its policy of ‘give me everything I want through negotiations, otherwise I will take everything through the military,'” Nikol Pashinyan complained, accusing Baku of not wanting “stability and security.” of the area.

Tensions between the two countries remain high. Yerevan suspects Azerbaijan of having new territorial ambitions after Baku recaptured the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh in September.

In his inauguration speech after his early February re-election to the presidency, Azeri President Ilham Aliyev reiterated yesterday, Wednesday, that his country has no plans for expansion.

“We have no territorial claims against Armenia. They too will have to renounce their own claims. Blackmail will cost them dearly,” Aliyev noted. “There will be no peace agreement until Armenia renounces these claims against Azerbaijan,” he added, as the two countries have had territorial disputes for years.

Azerbaijan’s 62-year-old leader has the benefit of his military victory over Nagorno-Karabakh’s Armenian separatists, which ended three decades of separatism marked by two major wars.

According to the protothema, in September 2023, the Azerbaijani military in a lightning strike brought this mountainous enclave, which had eluded control since the collapse of the USSR, fully under its control, prompting tens of thousands of its residents to flee to Armenia.

According to Yerevan, Azerbaijan seeks to bring the Armenian region of Siunik under its control to connect the Azeri enclave of Nakhchivan with the rest of Azerbaijan.

Faced with this fear, Armenia officially joined the International Criminal Court at the end of January, which investigates and tries people accused of the most serious crimes, which affect the entire international community.

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