“Passports” surprise workers by changing the profession.. Learn the details – Saudi News

Recently, a number of workers in the private sector were surprised by the arrival of text messages from the passports stating that they had changed their profession, which prompted many workers and employers to inquire about the new professions after the arrival of these messages.

This comes after the Ministry of Human Resources, in cooperation with the Qiwa platform and the General Authority for Statistics and Passports, updated the regulations by creating symbols and names of professions for workers in the sector, in line with the professions approved in the Saudi Standard Classification of Occupations approved by the Statistics Authority, without actually changing the name of the profession.

The “Qiwa” platform required the establishments to correct the profession of some of their employees, by showing a notice on its platform to the owners of the establishments, stating that there are a number of employees whose professions must be corrected according to the Saudi Standard Classification of Professions Manual. The correction included many professions, most notably: “doctor, expert, specialist, engineer, specialized expert, control technician, worker, and ordinary worker,” and stipulated that they be placed in specialized professions according to the Saudi Standard Classification of Professions Guide. The amendment will be limited to the “Qiwa” platform for the workers of establishments only, and the platform is not specific to individuals.

The approval of the worker is usually required when changing his profession in return for sums of money of up to two thousand riyals, with the exception of professions that have been stipulated to be modified and corrected for professions that have been canceled, and it will be allowed to correct them only once without fees.

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