“Pasta Piles Mystery in Old Bridge: Unraveling the Strange Phenomenon”

2023-05-10 15:30:00

The mystery, which local newspapers and the New York Times are reporting on in recent days, dates back to last week when a walker posted photos on Facebook of several piles of spaghetti, macaroni and pasta shells in a small forest on the edge of of a waterway in the city of Old Bridge, near the megalopolis of New York.

Once the images circulating on social networks were authenticated, municipal employees and police were dispatched to the scene.

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State bordering New York, on the other side of the Hudson River, New Jersey is renowned for hosting many communities of European origin, including Americans of Italian origin. Some 17% of its population claim Italian ancestry.

This pasta waste, which was beginning to “mold” in the undergrowth, was picked up in less than an hour, assured the municipality, which assured that the local police were investigating.

Old Bridge, with a population of 65,000, speculates on a restaurant’s stock or a giant order that may not have been fulfilled.

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