Pastor received maximum sentence for raping ten children

It was found that he drugged minors to commit abuse.

30 years in prison received a pastor and youth leader of a church in the state of Táchira when he was found guilty of sexually abusing about ten children and adolescents.

The Public Ministry announced that the ages of the victims range from 11 to 16 years of age. The perpetrator was identified as Sergio Manuel Monsalve Guerrero.

The mothers were the ones who filed the complaint at a Táchira State Police station, located in San Cristóbal.

According to the investigation, during that day the parents went to denounce Monsalve Guerrero, pastor and youth leader of a church located in the capital of Tachira, for alleged abuses against young people.

According to the testimonies of the victims, Monsalve Guerrero put them in group masturbation sessions and anointed them with an oil to later sexually abuse them.

This oil was seized during a raid on the church headquarters. After the tests carried out on the substance, it was determined that it was scopolamine; a psychotropic drug that causes brain flattening and periods of temporary amnesia in which the abuse occurred.

In addition, forensic tests determined that eight of the 10 victims suffered anal penetration by Monsalve Guerrero.

As a result of these events, the pastor was apprehended in San Cristóbal the same day as the complaint and was placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry to initiate the corresponding criminal process.

In the trial, the 16th Prosecutor’s Office of Táchira ratified the accusation against the man as co-author of sexual abuse of children with continued penetration to the detriment of three minors.

In turn, the accusation of sexual abuse of adolescents with continued penetration to the detriment of five was confirmed.

Similarly, the accusation of sexual abuse of adolescents without continued penetration to the detriment of two adolescents aged 13 and 14 was confirmed.

Once the elements of evidence had been evacuated by the prosecutor’s office, the 5th Trial Court issued the aforementioned sentence against Monsalve Guerrero and ordered his imprisonment in the Western Penitentiary Center; located in Santa Ana.

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