Paul Magnette’s Reaction: The Clash of the Week and Media Controversy

2023-09-24 17:25:00

Campaign notebook episode 5, and we start with the clash of the week. It is signed Paul Magnette. The president of the PS refused to respond to a journalist from the French channel CNews. The reporter wanted to question him following the schools burned after the EVRAS vote, the activities on education for relational, emotional and sexual life.

I am not answering you, you are a far-right channel and partly responsible for what is happening“, says Paul Magnette. “Your channel has been condemned for inciting hatred and violence. What we experience here is exactly that. Media like you spread fake news and make people think that violence is the only solution.“, adds the mayor.

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Subtle reaction from the presenter and guests on the CNews set, visibly unaware of Paul Magnette’s political label and his exact functions: “This gentleman is full of intelligence, tolerance and nuance. He is a remarkable man“. “He’s not the equivalent of the Insoumis by chance?“, asks a columnist.”Wallonia is on the left. You will notice that the program does not exist in Flanders“, replies a columnist. “Lin Belgium, it’s France but worse“, concludes another.

For or against Magnette’s reaction

The scene also makes us react. There are the cons, like Georges-Louis Bouchez. “Refusal to debate with party presidents, choice of media to which we respond… What is the left’s relationship to freedom of expression?“, launched the president of the MR on X (ex-Twitter).

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And there are the pros, like Jean-Michel Javaux. “I congratulated Paul Magnette […] because they have been convicted more than 38 times for inciting hatred, for hateful speech, and in particular of the people who are on this set […] and because our sanitary cordon works well on the French-speaking side“.

New recruits at Les Engagés, with a difficult quiz

This week, there are also new faces appearing in politics. The Engaged… engage. A week ago, he was the former boss of Walloon bosses. This week, it’s Yves Coppieters, Mr. Covid. So don’t hesitate to send your CV to Maxime Prévot. It’s well paid, but you still have to prepare a little for your first interviews on the subject of politics to avoid moments of solitude. This Sunday on the show Les Puncheurs, Yves Coppieters missed all his questions on the subject. Here is the sequence:

The story of a taxi ride

The controversy of the week concerns a question of mobility. Should you take a taxi rather than a bike on car-free day when you are co-president of Ecolo and you are stressed because you don’t want to be late at RTL for the interview with Deborsu and Buxant? “I’m not going to lie to you, I came by taxi. Because from my house to here it was a 45 minute bike ride, it was a bit complicated“, explained Rajae Maouane last Sunday. Ok, except that it doesn’t take 45 minutes but rather around twenty, that is.

Rajae Maouane tried to get out of the quagmire all week, in particular by relaying parodies made about him.

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… But nothing worked. A lesson perhaps for the future. “I think Ecolo is paying a little bit for their moralizing, lesson-giving side on this one.“, reacted Jean-Michel Javaux, former co-president of Ecolo. He then indicated that Rajae Maouane certainly made this choice to arrive in the best conditions for the interview.

Let’s close this campaign diary here 259 days before the elections.

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