PCC Hey! Grab a new MEA job worth 85.05 million baht, pushing the backlog up to 4.5 billion baht.

2023-09-21 02:58:29

Precise Corporation Public Company Limited (PCC) won the project of protection and control system including installation for various substations. Yothi Sub Station and the hot substation of MEA with a total value of 85.05 million baht, pushing the backlog to grow strong to 4.5 billion baht. CEO “Kitti Samrit” is ready to continue bidding for new work. Confident that this year’s income will exceed target.

Mr. Kitti Samrit, Chief Executive Officer and President of Precise Corporation Public Company Limited (PCC) revealed that Precise System and Project Company Limited, a subsidiary in which the Company holds 99.98 percent of its shares, has been selected to Was the winner of the bidding for a contract to build a protection and control system, complete with installation, for various substations. Yothi substation and Jaengron substation by means of electronic bidding (e-bidding) with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) on August 25, 2023, total contract value 85,046,489.00 baht (including VAT)

The project is scheduled to be delivered within 480 days from the date of signing the contract or from the date of receipt of notification from Metropolitan Electricity Authority Let’s start working. with payment conditions According to the progress of the completed work

Chief Executive Officer of PCC also said that the company continues to bid for new jobs continuously. to create sustainable growth Currently, there is a backlog of 4.5 billion baht waiting to be recognized, and another amount is pending announcement of auction results in the 3rd and 4th quarters of this year.

In addition, orders during the quarter continued to arrive. It is expected that this year’s income will grow as targeted. Or growing from last year’s income of 4,859.98 million baht, with total income for the first 6 months being 2,240.65 million baht, an increase of 513.67 million baht, or equivalent to a growth of 29.74% from the same period last year.

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