Penitentiary System carried out massive transfers for security, overcrowding and humanitarian reasons – 2024-03-13 01:59:31

There have been 110 prisoners transferred to Fraijanes 1, 2 and Mariscal Zavala during the last two days and among these is Carlos Rodrigo Martínez Letona, who faces a legal process for the crime of femicide. Martínez was transferred from the Preventive for Men in zone 18 to Mariscal Zavala due to health problems.

“In the case of Martínez Letona It is for a fairly important health issue. He presents with acute pancreatitis. So it was a humanitarian issue,” said the Ministry of the Interior.

Carlos Martinez He is accused of the femicide of his girlfriend Caterina Boros Jauregui. According to investigations, he faked her suicide.

The director of the Penitentiary System (SP), Sergio Samuel Humberto Vela López, pointed out that there were transfers of inmates to other prisons. after the search at the Preventive Center for Men in zone 18.

Vela López explained that at the Fraijanes 1 prison center They transferred 49 women who were serving sentences to the Santa Teresa Preventive Detention Center for Women. In addition, he commented that 61 men were brought to Fraijanes 2 and all actions were carried out properly to avoid health problems, overcrowding and increase security in the centers.

According to members of the Penitentiary System, those transferred from the Preventive for Men in zone 18 They were prisoners who have ties to drug trafficking and from whom illegal assets were seized during a search on Friday, March 8.

According to the Ministry of the Interior in the preventive diligence It was to strengthen controls, “make the law prevail and prevent criminal activities against the population from being coordinated from this site.

In this place they seized 190 packages of beer, bottles of liquor, cable for digital connections, 14 cell phones, a router, three electronic tablets, three USB drives and other evidence that will be analyzed by the authorities.

Mariscal Zavala, a VIP prison

SP sources assure that “transfers to other penal centers have a cost ranging from Q3 thousand to Q5 thousand.” and ask the Public Ministry to investigate the cases. The SP denies the allegations.

“None of the transfers have had the endorsement of the judge controlling the cases. This should also be investigated by the MP,” they commented.

190 packages of beer and liquor bottles were seized during prison searches.

In addition, they assured that Marshal Zavala has become a VIP prison, to have better benefits, which the Minister of the Interior himself has recognized.

Possible power struggle

Eddy Morales, security analyst, said that these transfers without a judge’s order can be done in an emergency situation. but subsequently a controlling judge must be notified for the changes to be evaluated at a hearing.

Morales mentioned that the inmates who were separated from their sector or prison “can generate some type of conflict, as long as the empowerment that those deprived of liberty have had.

The analyst commented that in the coming days There could be conflicts within prisons in the face of the power struggle between gang members, after the transfer of other inmates.

“What usually happens is that others replace that structure that was moved or separated. “I imagine there will be a possible power struggle over who replaces those who were separated,” he explained.

Morales affirmed that one of the reforms that the SP must make is to purge the institution’s guards “Linked to acts of corruption, because that is where one of the big problems is. Many of the center directors who are former prison guards have bought their position and want to recover the money by extorting inmates.”

Alleged mutiny

Hours after the transfer of the inmates, the Volunteer Firefighters They were alerted of a riot in the Men’s Preventive Center in zone 18. According to the general director of the SP, there were no riots as speculated on social networks.

At the discretion of the official, some inmates expelled other inmates and to avoid inconvenience They changed their sector.

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