People’s resistance march to be held in Nilanpur on March 1 : Nattu Visesham

People’s resistance march to be held in Nilanpur on March 1

Friday, February 3, 2023 12:13 AM IST

Nilanpur: CPM State Secretary M.V. People’s resistance march led by Govindan ends in Nilanpuri on March 1 Acceptance will be given in In connection with this, the meeting held at Peewee’s Auditorium, Nilanpur The reception team was formed in Against the genocidal positions and casteism of the Central Govt. CPM State Secretary MV Govindan is leading the procession.
Starts from Kasargod on February 20 and ends at Thiruvananthapuram on March 18. Jatha is in measuring mode. The procession will reach Nilanpur at 10 am on March 1. Swagata Sangham Rupavatkarana Yogam CPM State Committee Member P.K. Zainaba inaugurated.

CPM Nilanpur Area Committee Secretary E. Padmakshan presided. did Matters related to the march, CPM Etakara Area Secretary T. Ravindran explained. Mayor Mattummal Saleem, Vice President Aruma Jayakrishnan, C. ITU State Vice President George K. Anthony, CPM Area Center Am. Gum Kakkadan Rahim spoke.

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