Perenco “looking” for little geniuses to recruit –

The oil company Perenco oil & gas Gabon (POGG), currently number one in oil production in Gabon, carried out for two weeks a vast information campaign on its ambitious program (started in 2019) of total management of the studies of future engineers, the best of whom will be automatically recruited by this company.

The campaign targeted students from 1time and final year of secondary general and technical education establishments in the towns of Port-Gentil, Franceville, Leconi, Moanda, Lambaréné and in greater Libreville.

The campaign also targeted students from the University of Science and Technology of Masuku (USTM, Faculty and Polytechnic School) as well as those from the School of Mines and Metallurgy of Moanda at DUT and License level.


During the campaign, Perenco presented the exceptional opportunity to fully cover the studies of future engineers. The latter will therefore be sponsored by Perenco and will alternate studies with work. At the end of the engineering training, the best of them will be integrated into Perenco.

The next wave of beneficiaries of this program will be known at the end of the national competition which will be organized in June and August 2024. Those admitted will follow their training at the Catholic University of Africa-Ecoles des Ingénieurs (UCAC-ICAM) based in Douala in Cameroon. UCAC-ICAM has entered into a partnership with Perenco.

Perenco at the Omar Bongo National Technical High School © DR

« We have the ambition to travel throughout Gabon in order to reach all layers of the Gabonese population. », said Axel Fouty, Director of Human Resources at Perenco. This is why an additional step was taken this year by visiting the students of Leconi and Lambarene.

As a reminder, this program started in 2019. The first 4 students were beneficiaries. Over the last 3 years, the program has grown from 4 to 21 students in 2024.

Perenco is convinced that this program is a mark of attention for the training of the Gabonese elite of tomorrow.

Carl Nsitou

2024-02-17 16:43:41
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