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Money Slaves
(Hard Rock)

Label: Stormy Rocks Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 16.06.2023

The diesel-powered pirate ship stayed in the dry dock for four years, but now the German rockers are PIRATES IN BLACK back with their second work “Money Slaves” and leave again with their galley with Harley sound.

As on the debut, instead of fun folk-pirate stuff, there’s pure rock in your face, fueled by diesel from the smoky pub, where one or more fights are probably taking place, but the same opponents before and after that sing arm in arm again and toast with beer instead of mead.

After the fun and straight “Backseat Ride” that friends of AC/DC and RUNNING WILD might like it equally, the driving “Blood And Rain” gets a bit more modern in riffing and Captain Falo Faltu’s singing also takes on appropriate, haunting traits. In the last one there is a pure 80s instrumental passage, which is a lot of fun and otherwise the song is good.

It’s clear that the pirates don’t want to reinvent rock here, but you can also hear from the first minute that they are dealing with long-standing and experienced musicians. The gentlemen don’t like to hide their role models either – I deliberately refrain from listing them here – but still manage to stay fresh and independent enough. So fans of the 80s get their money’s worth, regardless of whether it’s the traditional one, the rock variant or other variations of the genre.
“Roll It” is carried and stomping, “Hysteria” is more anthemic and squints towards Teutonic Metal and “Eternal Blood” combines flawless guitar rock with catchy and pathetic vocals. With the final banger “The Servant And The God” a certain Lemmy Kilmister sends his regards. In addition, “Shipwrecked” stands out as a power ballad with a clean guitar intro and haunting vocals, whereby the latter is mixed somewhat unconventionally far into the foreground. Still a nice piece, which I like a little bit better in its acoustic version.

Tracklist „Money Slaves“:

1. Burning Desire
2. Blood And Rain
3. Roll It
4. Shipwrecked
5. Hysteria
6. Money Slaves
7. Dusty Road
8. Eternal Blood
9. The Servant And The God (Of The Metal Nation)
10. Shipwrecked (Akustik)
Total playing time:


pirates in black Money Slaves PIRATES IN BLACK - Money Slaves

I speak Faltu
Quartermaster Accu Becher
Gunner Jay Jay
Powder Monkey Hans Heringer
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