Plantatón 2024: 5,000 trees will be added to the Costanera Sur

Asunción, IP Agency.- On Avenida Costanera Sur, a planting will be held this May 11 to add 5,000 trees to the road work soon to be officially enabled.

Plantatón 2024 was declared of interest by the Plenary Session of the Municipal Board of Asunción and is considered the largest environmental event in the capital.

This is an initiative of the councilor of Asunción, José Alvarenga, which has already become a tradition, taking into account that, annually, the Capital Commune contemplates the articulation around this activity in its plans.

Since its inception, in 2016, at least 80,000 trees have already been planted in different parts of Asunción, including the Costanera Norte in 2023.

The activity will be next May 11 starting at 09:00. People interested in being part of Plantatón 2024 can register in the next link.

With the motto “We generate life”, the collaboration of 2,000 citizens is expected, many of them from social organizations, companies, students, workers and volunteers.

Tree planting plan

The Costanera Sur project has an Arborization Plan promoted by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) for the installation of seedlings that, in the future, will provide shade and coolness to the area.

In this context, work is being done on two fronts to achieve this objective: on the one hand, the plan on the platform, which covers the main avenue, central promenade and linear park, where 2,200 seedlings are planned, and on the other, on the sidewalk and the route, where it is expected to install more than 6,000 trees.

In total, some 8,875 trees will be planted, whose native species were already established and which have roots that do not damage the pavement. There are more than 36 varieties of species, among which stand out: Lapacho, Tree-tree, Guajaibi, Guapo-y, Ingá-i, Cup-y, Kurupa-y, Orange Jhai, Willow, Payagua Orange, Samu-hu, Timbó, Red Tree and the Tree-jhu.

Regarding the strip at the foot of the slope, thorny trees were considered to prevent both animals and people from climbing on them and thus provide security to the road system. In addition, they will have a fence that can provide security.

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2024-04-21 17:04:57

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