Poi Treechada wedding menu, both beautiful and delicious, using local ingredients

It has passed beautifully, freshly, beautifully. There is a completeness for the wedding between “Poi Treechada” and “Oak Phakwa” or “Oak Prathiphan Hongyok” because every Completely beautiful, including the bride, groom, wedding dress, venue, ceremony, guests who come to congratulate But another thing that cannot be forgotten is the food at the wedding feast. which the page Eiji Jum Pictures of the food menu at the party have been posted. along with telling about the origin of the food menu that both the bride and groom took a long time to choose The details are as follows.

“Han noon (noon) must tell what to eat (food), but only one night at the house may entertain guests at the event. #poydoakthewedding Hi! Decorate our house, all the food must be full, not for sale, oh! Sell ​​celebs, celebrities, screaming (screaming), never seen this thousand (like this), but eating very hard

Cooko Nok stands one of the legends of Phuket. People who cook rice never measure. You don’t have to taste it all, but last night (last night) shows your skill until the entire Thai (farang) plan tells you that Chi must come back to eat with rice at Ban Ar Jor Lao Do. #MichelinGuideThailand
Poi Okka and the rates take a very long time to choose the menu. only think Two hundred people just come from other places (different areas) must remember Khao Pun Te forever
gather! Moreover, Lao, all raw materials, Kuo Kuan (subsidized) Phuket, fresh, good, not expensive, oh my gosh!! (Mom) Is this Pun Dee food really good?

Peng Yiu, Xiao Boi, fish nets, white cicadas
( 4 bites of local Favorite)

Po Pia Kian Poon Tee Salad Wrapped in Pang Sae
( Porpia – inspired salad with Kian)

To the bird egg fish breeding tank (fish maw soup)
( Clear but intense consommé with crabmeat, fish maw and quail egg)

Kae Pae Sa in the legend of the Phuket house
( steamed chicken with blanched morning glory and lime-chilli sauce)

red tuna from the Lemken people
( sautéed sea bass fillet with stewed mushroom mixture)

Sweets, we lifted a car (cart) sweets on a tray of zinc plated. Riding from the front of Suan Luang Screaming all over the work, all the trays, oh, take this one, take that one, put it in a banana leaf, press it hard on the coconut stem.”

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