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after knowing the latest news of this long-awaited game, now we have received more news related to the promising Pokemon Legends: Arceus in the form of details: these are the initials of the game.

Pokémon Legends Initials: Arceus

The information we bring today focuses on the forms of the starter pokemon. You have them below in this trailer:

These silhouettes have also been shown:

It has also been published this official art:

we leave you with the new japanese trailer too:

when is it released

Those who have it reserved or are going to reserve it in the eShop (remember your digital download size), they can play it from 00:00 local time on January 28. At dawn on that day in your country is when the title will be unlocked.

This means that, for example, players from Australia will be able to enjoy it before those from Spain by time zone.

Those who buy the game physical they will have to wait for the respective stores to send it. So far only confirmed delays by the Pokémon Center chain.

Here you have its general trailer in Spanish:

Return to Sinnoh

We remind you of the premise of this long-awaited title:

Explore vast wildernesses where endless discoveries await you in Pokémon Legends: Arceus for Nintendo Switch. Observe, catch and investigate wild monsters in this action role-playing game set in the past. It takes place when it was not usual for humans and Pokémon to live in harmony.

Your adventures take place in the majestic natural surroundings of the Hisui region. You will be in charge of investigating to create the first Pokédex of the region.

Return to Sinnoh

These lands, which will one day become the Brilliant Diamond and Glistening Pearl region of Sinnoh, boast true natural wonders. Also impressive landscapes and a good number of wild creatures. Some will be familiar to you, while others will be completely new!

The enigmatic Arceus is said to be the key to solving a strange phenomenon affecting certain Pokémon in the region. How will this mythical be connected to your adventure?

Team Galaxy is made up of the most varied people who have traveled to Hisui to investigate this mysterious region. You are the newest addition to the research division of Team Galaxy and your job is to scour every corner of Hisui in search of species.

What do you think? We read you in the comments. We also leave you with our complete coverage of the game Pokémon Legends: Arceus, scheduled for January 28, 2022, here.

Fountain. Fountain.

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