Pokémon: nobody remembers this game, and yet it is on sale

News bon plan Pokémon: nobody remembers this game, and yet it is on sale

Published on 08/19/2022 at 19:15

Pokémon is THE license that everyone knows and which continues to make fans over the years. And in terms of games, we can say that Pokémon has gone all out. But some did not know the glory, so they remained anonymous.

At Amazon, you can find everything, including accessories and goodies on the most famous licenses. In addition, with Amazon’s catalog and its pricing policy, there is a way to make great savings!

And currently, we find the official Pokémon puzzle which represents the first 151 Pokémon of the license, those with whom it all started! Offered at just €10, it’s a nice and inexpensive purchase!

Buy the Pokémon Puzzle for 10€ at Amazon

Pokémon: thousands of goodies!

The Pokémon license is known all over the world and its influence reaches both new generations and those who experienced pocket monsters for the first time.

Pokémon is both discovery, adventure, travel and above all monsters to capture.

Indeed, when you look closely at the license, it is above all two parallel things that are to be followed closely: anime and games.

These last two are the drivers of the license and have been making us live adventures since 1996.

The concept of Pokémon is simple. You usually play as a young woman or young man who is old enough to leave home. Generally living in a quiet little village with a scientific authority as a neighbour, you are entrusted with two important things.

First your very first Pokémon. This one is generally unique and you will not find another similar one in your game. And above all, you are entrusted with the mission of listing all the Pokémon in the region (hence the slogan “Catch them all!” ).

This adventure, it started in the Blue / Green / Red / Yellow version, it is what we call the first generation. And the monsters from this generation have gained a special status which means that we see them quite regularly making appearances.

There are 151 of them and they are all present on the official puzzle. The challenge that everyone must meet is to be able to quote them all by heart! (Who said PokéRap?)

Buy the Pokémon Puzzle for 10€ at Amazon

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