Police chase wild moped racer (16) – one injured – Carinthia

A wild chase took place in Carinthia on Friday evening. After a boy (16) did not stop on the instructions of the officials, he fled.

The incident happened on Friday around 8:30 p.m. on Ossiacher Straße (B 94) in the direction of St.Veit/Glan. Police officers observe a 16-year-old moped driver who was driving an unlit moped. During the following attempt to stop, the driver ignored the stop signs and fled through the town of St. Veit at excessive speed. Outside of the local area, the 16-year-old was traveling at over 100 km/h, according to LPD Carinthia.

Police stop the driver after a risky overtaking manoeuvre

A second police patrol car, which had been called in to assist, attempted to overtake the moped driver. The 16-year-old grazed the patrol car and almost fell. The police completed the risky overtaking maneuver and were finally able to stop the driver. His number plate and registration certificate were removed.

One officer injured

The boy was temporarily arrested because of the risk of absconding. During the chase, one officer was injured in a knee and a hand. The 16-year-old racer is reported for several violations. He hadn’t installed a rear-view mirror, and the moped also lacked lights, turn signals and an inspection plaque.

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