Politico: Washington and Kiev are exposed to the risk of “Russian interference”

US media reports that differences are growing between Washington and Kiev over the risk of Ukraine being subjected to “interference by Russia”, and the Ukrainian president is downplaying the seriousness of the situation.

  • Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky at the White House

US media confirmed that differences are growing between Washington and Kiev over the risk of Ukraine being exposed to “Russian interference”, according to the West’s allegations.

و .شار Politico website To that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who sounded the alarm about “a possible war with Russia, has now changed his position and is downplaying the seriousness of the situation.”

And the site quoted people close to Zelensky and members of his team confirming that the Ukrainian president “changed his tone” due to Kiev’s growing dissatisfaction with the approach of the administration of US President Joe Biden.

In his remarks, Zelensky accused the Western media of undermining Ukrainians’ confidence in his government, and of fueling economic panic across the country.

The position of the Ukrainian president came after Phone call He held a meeting with the US President on Thursday, and the media described it as tense, as it was reported that Zelensky challenged Biden’s characterization of the Russian threat, while Officials in Kiev and Washington dispute these reports.

Zelensky’s comments highlight the differing position of the Ukrainian government and the assessments of US officials, who have repeatedly warned of “Russian interference in Ukraine.”

In this context, the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Alexei Reznikov, confirmed from the Verkhovna Rada, last Tuesday, that his country She no longer saw a danger of possible Russian interference.

US officials recently heightened their warnings about a possible Russian attack on Ukraine, and the State Department ordered Relatives of US Embassy employees In Ukraine to leave the country.

While Russia has repeatedly denied Western allegations By preparing for this alleged invasion. The West insists on repeating these calls, warning that A massive Russian military buildup on its western borders He is preparing to launch operations in Ukraine.”

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