Posing as Ruby Lin’s daughter was exposed… Internet celebrity Holly passed on suicide and resurrected “opening to ask for condolence money” Her 187 words are sour | Entertainment | CTWANT

Internet celebrity Holly passed on suicide and resurrected. (Photo / Ruby Lin Facebook, Holly IG)

Actress Ruby Lin previously accused someone who pretended to be an assistant Shanshan to go to a Kenting B&B to ask for a room. Later, someone pretended to be her concubine, calling herself Holly, and asking manufacturers for matching products, reminding everyone not to be deceived. Unexpectedly, the Internet celebrity Holly later reported that she had committed suicide, and now the team sent a letter saying that Holly is currently in a coma, and mentioned that the family asked Ruby Lin for condolences and so on. In this regard, Internet celebrity Chen Yi couldn’t help but be sour.

It is understood that Holly’s IG posted a message in the tone of a team on the 22nd of last month, saying, “She chose to leave this world in the early morning of the 22nd. She is a kind person who puts others first in everything, and also treats employees, although Strict but generous, she will never be able to defeat the inner demon this time, she is free from illness and pain, RIP”, alluding to Holly’s suicide.

Three weeks after the incident, a person who claimed to be the Holly team came forward to reveal that Holly had not died and was still in a coma. Not only that, the team also publicly sent a letter to Ruby Lin, which mentioned that Holly’s mother had to retire early in order to take care of her daughter.

In this regard, Chen Yi shared his views on Facebook, “The Internet celebrity Holly pretended to be Ruby Lin’s daughter before, and cheated the public relations product through the agent and the manufacturer, saying that they would send it to Holly and give it to Xinru to try it out, but she was caught by Ruby Lin. After I posted the exposé, it was rumored that Holly (shame and anger?) committed suicide, and one day after RIP, she said she was rescued by her manager.”

Chen Yi said bitterly, “In short, Holly was resurrected like Fujiang. Her team came out and said that she was in a coma, attached a handwritten text of her “May the world remain kind”, and then asked Ruby Lin for condolences. Die of laughter, The liars in this world love to keep people kind. Then they all love to commit suicide when they are exposed, or they say they are depressed.”

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