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2023-11-06 01:15:51

Exhibits and seminars focusing on warehousing, automation and Vietnam’s only logistics industry

Vietnam Warehousing & Automation Show 2024, 23-24-25 May 2024 at World Trade Center Binh Duong New City, Vietnam It is a trade show that brings together providers of warehouse infrastructure (Warehouse Infrastructure Developers), automation (Automation), material management (Material). Handling, Storage, AIDC, Solution Providers, Supply Chain and Cross Border Logistics come to this one and only event in Vietnam.

Interesting zones within the event

Social Commerce Zone : A space specifically for businesses related to e-commerce and online markets. Conference Zone : A source of leading expert speakers who will discuss the most talked about topics in the logistics and warehousing industry. Cross- border Logistics Zone : A gathering place for cross-border logistics operators.

Visitor group

3 PL / 4 PL Companies (3 PL / 4 PL Companies) Automobiles & Automotive (Automobile & Automotive) Cement & Building Materials (Cement & Building Materials) Coatings & Adhesives (Coating & Adhesives) Electronics & Electricals (Electronics & Electricals) FMCG, Food & Beverages, Furniture, Heavy Engineering Products Manufacturers, Logistics & Shipping Companies, OEM’s, Paper, Printing and Packaging (Paper, Printing & Packaging) Pharmaceutical (Pharmaceutical) Ports, Railways & Terminals (Ports, Railways & Terminals) Retail & e-Commerce (Retail & e-Commerce) Steel & Other Metals (Steel & Other Metals) Engineer Structure (Structural Engineers), Warehouse Owners (And other end user industry)

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