This year’s Budapest-Bamako started with a record number of participants

A Wartburg was even blessed by a priest at the start, the 40-year-old East German vehicle may need the help of the heavens to reach the finish line in the Budapest-Bamako rally. This year, 1,102 competitors will start the Budapest-Bamako, which is an incredibly large number. This is twice as many as in this year’s … Read more

An Overview of the Controversial Motion on the Wearing of Convictional Symbols in Anderlecht: Parties, Votes, and Confusion

2023-12-01 11:21:00 A certain confusion reigned over the text that was voted on as well as the parties which supported it or not. In practice, the initial motion, which called for total authorization, without exception, of the wearing of convictional symbols in the administration, was tabled by Ecolo/Groen. However, it is this motion, but amended … Read more

Escalating Migration Crisis: Senegalese Migrants Landing in Canary Islands – Report from Dakar and Saint-Louis

2023-11-24 10:26:55 Published on: 11/24/2023 – 11:26 Since the start of the year, more than 30,000 migrants – mostly Senegalese – have landed on the Canary Islands in Spain. For its part, the Senegalese navy has intercepted more than 9,000 migrants since January, while shipwrecks are increasing. If the reasons for these departures are not … Read more

Product exhibitions and seminars focusing on warehousing, automation | RYT9

2023-11-06 01:15:51 Exhibits and seminars focusing on warehousing, automation and Vietnam’s only logistics industry Vietnam Warehousing & Automation Show 2024, 23-24-25 May 2024 at World Trade Center Binh Duong New City, Vietnam It is a trade show that brings together providers of warehouse infrastructure (Warehouse Infrastructure Developers), automation (Automation), material management (Material). Handling, Storage, AIDC, … Read more

War in Sudan: refugee children in Chad plagued by malnutrition and trauma

2023-10-30 11:26:44 Back to Home / Broadcasts / Focus Published on : 30/10/2023 – 12:26 05:40 Focus © France 24 The war in Sudan between the ruling army and paramilitary forces has taken an ethnic turn. The paramilitaries of the Rapid Support Forces (FSR) are accused of targeting civilians of the Massalit ethnic group, without … Read more

Boost Your Immune System: Unlocking the Power of Vitamin D and Omega-3 Fatty Acids – University of St.Gallen Event

2023-09-25 20:35:17 September 27, 2023 6:15 p.m.-7:45 p.m online & on site University of St.Gallen, SQUARE Guisanstrasse 20 9010 St. Gallen Further information Keynote speech and discussion: If there are two nutrients whose supply is currently problematic in our society, then they are vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Why are both so important for … Read more

Chelsea’s Key Signings: Caicedo Transfer Updates and News for the Summer

2023-07-12 13:17:00 Original title: Chelsea’s key signings of Caicedo players this summer are open According to a report from the British media talksport, Caicedo is currently open to transferring from Brighton to Chelsea. He is a key player for Chelsea’s signings this summer. The 21-year-old Caicedo served as a defensive midfielder and played 42 times … Read more

“I’m a victim of fraud” Hyun-young, a clarification statement that removes allegations of usury at Mom’s Cafe[★FOCUS]

2023-07-12 14:52:59 Reporter Noeul Kim | 2023.07.12 23:52 /Picture = While Star News broadcaster Hyun-young claimed that she was a victim of a 60 billion won mom cafe scam, she did not reveal her position on the suspicion of usury, causing criticism as a ‘half-length explanation’. On the 12th, Noah Entertainment, Hyunyoung’s agency, said in … Read more