Proximus is preparing a new ultra-fast internet offer, up to 10 Gbps

In the near future, the operator will introduce an ultra-fast offer, making it possible to increase download speeds up to 10 Gbps.

During the presentation of its new router, Proximus revealed that it is working on a new gigabit offer, which will use the fiber optic network already in place but will require some adaptations in terms of infrastructure and equipment on the consumer side.

Selon Datanews, Proximus would intend to deploy an even more efficient network, offering a minimum throughput of 2 Gbps and which could theoretically increase to 10 Gbps. Achieving such speeds, however, will require investment in infrastructure and work that will take time.

It is likely that this new “multi-Gigabit” offer will also be billed at a higher rate when it is launched, as is often the case.

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