Psychiatric Patient Care Law: Procedures, Evaluations, and Consequences Explained

2023-09-24 17:00:00

The Psychiatric Patient Care Law prohibits the compulsory keeping of a psychiatric patient in a mental health facility for more than a week unless two psychological evaluations of the patient are conducted by psychiatric specialists registered with the relevant regional mental health council, as the case may be, one of whom is from outside the facility and the other is from its employees, provided that one of them is a government employee. The evaluation may not be carried out by two specialists working for one agency. Both evaluations must be sent to the Regional Council for Mental Health within seven days of the patient’s mandatory detention, and the form used for this must be attached to them.

If these procedures are not met within the specified dates, the patient’s mandatory admission status will end, and the facility will bear any consequences that may result from that.

According to the law, the state of compulsory admission for a patient ends if the Regional Council for Mental Health is not satisfied with the results of the psychological evaluation submitted to him after examination by the National Council for Mental Health or the Regional Council for Mental Health.

Article (45) of the Law for the Care of the Psychiatric Patient stipulates that he shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years and a fine of not less than five thousand pounds and not more than ten thousand pounds, or one of these two penalties:

1 – Every doctor who deliberately proves in his report something contrary to reality regarding the psychological or mental condition of a person with the intention of admitting him to or removing him from the facility.

2 – Anyone who deliberately detains or causes the detention of a person as suffering from a psychological or mental illness in places or conditions other than those stipulated in this law.

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