Pure male violence against women! 5 femicides in one day!

2024-02-25 13:46:50

Expression of deep-seated contempt for women

The shock is deep! 5 women lost their lives in one day due to male violence. Among the 5 femicides is a 13-year-old girl, or the daughter of a father and suspected perpetrator.

How deep does misogyny have to be to be able to commit such brutal, violent crimes?

Male violence against women is one of the biggest crises in our society. Male violence against women is the fundamental evil of our patriarchal system. This violence is deep-seated and is repeated daily, celebrated and rarely sanctioned. Male violence against women must end. A radical rethink and a uniform and holistic approach to violence prevention are needed. Effective and sustainable measures are needed that start much earlier, before femicides occur. A lot of money is needed for fundamental “climate change”.

It takes constant awareness. It requires intensive, ongoing awareness work and primary prevention. Comprehensive community work against partner violence and domestic violence is needed. “StoP districts without partner violence” are needed in all communities and cities. StoP is available at 28 locations in Austria, but that is not enough. www.stop-partnergewalt.at

Questions & Contact:

Mag.a Maria Rösslhumer
Founder and commissioned coordinator of “StoP districts without partner violence” in Austria
[email protected]
Tel: 0660 802 6388
www.stop-partnergewalt.at; www.stop-partnergewalt.org;

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