Putin’s state of health: American director Oliver Stone reveals that the Russian leader had cancer

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone has revealed in a new Lex Fridman podcast that Russian President Vladimir Putin has had cancer. The American filmmaker interviewed the Russian leader from 2015 to 2017 and gained unprecedented access to the Kremlin leader. He said that Putin had suffered from cancer and he believed he had overcome it, which was never confirmed to the Russian people.

His statements come amid intense speculation that the Kremlin leader is currently suffering from cancer or a serious illness. Several media suggest that Putin’s deep isolation from the Covid pandemic was due to a pre-existing but unspecified medical condition that made him particularly vulnerable.

Explaining why Putin may have misjudged the invasion of Ukraine, Stone speculated that “maybe he lost contact with people”.

“It was not clear that Putin was getting the right intelligence”he admitted, before adding: “You would think that he was perhaps not well informed about the degree of cooperation he would get from [Russes de souche] in Ukraine…It would be a factor, that he did not assess the situation correctly”, details Oliver Stone.

And Oliver Stone to speculate: “It could also be his ‘isolation from normal activity’ and no longer meeting people ‘face to face’.

According to several sources close to the Kremlin, the Russian leader reportedly underwent surgery last week.

due to health problems for Putin due to Covid have led him to mistakes”.

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