Video: A big problem in Hazmieh between Wadih Al-Sheikh and the so-called Gad Al-Masry.. Shooting and threats

Source: lebanon debate

A big dispute occurred between the artist, Wadih Al-Sheikh, his brother and his companions, and the young man, Gad Al-Masry, during which the Sheikh and his companions were beaten and shot, in the Hazmieh area next to the “Solideer” salon.

According to Lebanon Debate’s information, the forms occurred against the background of a comment on social media on a post by Gad Al-Masry, son of the Jaafari Mufti in Baalbek, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Masry.

One of the witnesses to the incident stated that “the escorts of Wadih al-Sheikh, led by his brother Akram al-Sheikh and another person named Hadi holding a pistol in his hand, nicknamed “Sisco”, blocked the back road of al-Masry’s car, and he got out of another car, Wadih al-Sheikh, who shouted at al-Masry.”

He added, “They beat him severely, and then fired heavily after Al-Masry fled with his car.”
He continued, “Al-Masry was not subjected to any harm as a result of the shooting, and the bullets settled on his seat from the back.”

Lebanon Debate learned that Al-Masry filed a lawsuit at Furn El Chebbak police station, and asked him to prosecute before the Public Prosecution Office in Mount Lebanon on Monday.

After the problems, Akram Al-Sheikh deliberately published insults, threats and provocations on his Facebook account.

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