Rainie Yang danced and was laughed at with a ferocious expression “like stuck in the dark” and couldn’t bear it for the first time to fight back: You are laymen | Entertainment | CTWANT

2023-05-09 08:35:06

Rainie Yang often shares her dance results in the community. (Photo/Recap from Rainie Yang IG)

Actress Rainie Yang was born in a dance class. She loves dancing and once announced that she would “seal dance”, but later regretted it. He often shares the results of dance practice on social platforms, and also participates in Lu Zong to show off his dancing skills. However, many netizens think that “too much force” and “serious expressions” have caused heated discussions. She couldn’t bear it any longer, and for the first time spoke out to fight back.

Rainie Yang’s dancing expression was considered hideous by netizens. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

Rainie Yang brought dance music to a concert three years ago, showed off her dancing skills, and usually shared the results of her dance practice, but was severely criticized by netizens for her stiff limbs, especially her scary expression, and was even taken as an emoji by taking screenshots, mocking her: “Dancing is obviously elegant, how can she dance like she’s stuck in the shade? Her expression is so ugly”, “An entertainer who dances with her face”, “It’s the first time I see someone dancing so hard”, “I feel that the constipation problem is still not resolved”, “No comedian can make a more funny expression than her!”

Rainie Yang was ridiculed by netizens. (Picture / flip from Facebook)

Rainie Yang was interviewed by “Orange Entertainment” and talked about netizens sharing her dance videos. She admitted that many people would criticize her more severely, but she wanted to tell these people: “I may learn this for 20 minutes, and I will release it. It can be learned for a long time, and I even hired a professional team to shoot.” What I want to present is actually my very life state, and I hope everyone can give more encouragement.

Rainie Yang hopes that the outside world will give more encouragement. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

However, the discussion on the Internet is still going on, until today (9th) Rainie Yang is no longer silent, she posted a dynamic post on IG for a limited time, explaining that “Battle should have the state and expression it should have”, and it depends on the music, dance style and movement. Although she is not a professional dancer herself, those who only criticize are “experts” who think such behavior is bullying and a very bad example.

Rainie Yang fights back against the sour people. (Photo/Recap from Rainie Yang IG)

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