“NASA captures unprecedented images of ‘Forma Hot’: A star 15 times brighter than the sun, with possible planetary system and extraterrestrial life”

2023-05-09 12:07:54

The US space agency “NASA” published amazing and unprecedented images of a huge star located at a great distance from Earth, and estimates show that it is much brighter than the sun.

According to a recent study published in the journal Nature Astronomy, the images were taken by the James Webb space telescope, in a scientific step that sheds more light on the solar system.

The star, which is located 25 light-years away and is surrounded by a belt of dust that extends for regarding 14 billion miles, has been called “Forma Hot”.

Scientists explained that the star is surrounded by two belts in total, along with a huge cloud of dust, according to data obtained by the ten billion dollar telescope.

brighter than the sun

  • Scientists’ data indicates that the star that was photographed is 15 times brighter than the sun in our group.
  • Researchers had previously believed that they had discovered a planet around this star, but it later turned out to be debris from a collision that occurred in space.
  • Scientists consider the discovery of these two belts around the star as an indication that reinforces the hypothesis that there is a planet belonging to it, and it may be a planet on which aliens live, according to the Daily Mail.
  • The study, which was supervised by researcher Andras Gaspas, from the University of Arizona, USA, stated that this star appears to be a possible location for a planetary system with movement.
  • This star, which reaches an age of 440 million years, has a mass exceeding that of our known Sun, approximately twice (1.92).
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