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Rakhi Sawant, who is surrounded by controversies, has once again become viral on social media, during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in India, the actress also announced to participate in the elections.

However, recently a video of the actress has gone viral on social media, in which she can be seen wearing a track suit and interacting with fans.

In this video on social media, Rakhi Sawant is appealing to the people to vote in such a way that she is not only getting controversial but her political campaign is also being questioned.

The actress hugged the lady first and then said that I will give you biryani, note, and everything, but you have to vote for me.

The actress further said that I want to be a whole mother instead of Radhe Maa. The video of the actress is viral on social media, in which social media users are also accusing the actress of giving money in exchange for votes.

It should be noted that Radhe Maa is quite religiously popular in India, while her entry in Bigg Boss season 14 also grabbed everyone’s attention.

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2024-05-04 01:32:48

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