ramadan 2022: Jeddah municipality releases names of 12 slums to be demolished after Ramadan – jeddah slums committee reveals names of removed before ramadan

Jeddah .. Names of 12 slums to be demolished after Ramadan Jeddah Municipality Released. The buildings to be demolished after the month of Ramadan are Aziziya, Rabwa, Khuwaisa, Umm Salam-14kg North, Wurud, Rehab, Bani Malik, Rawabi, Muntasahat, Mushrifa, Jamia and Adl. The statement was made by the Jeddah Municipal Council.

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As part of Jeddah’s urban development, beautification of cities is underway. The old slums are being demolished and new buildings are being constructed. Buildings in 22 slums in Jeddah were demolished before Ramadan. Everything here is new buildings coming up.

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Authorities have warned of the date and time of the demolition of the slums on each side. The demolition of buildings in Nusha, Al Salamah and Madain Fahad began on March 12. Thirty-four slum areas are nearing completion. However, the demolition of the building and other activities have been halted in view of the coming of Ramadan. Authorities had earlier given notice of this.


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