Ranking the Top Offenses in the NFL: A Comprehensive Analysis of the 2023 Season

2023-09-03 17:00:05

What if offenses were now the squads that won titles now?

The last two Super Bowl participants seem to support this theory. Here is the inventory of the forces present at the start of the 2023 season.

1- Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes. That’s all.

2- Philadelphia Eagles

The best quarterback in the NFC, the best receiving duo in the NFC and a future hall of famers offensive line that could allow Joe Biden to run for 800 yards on the season.

3- Cincinnati Bengals

3rd place for the Bengals thanks to the team’s explosive aerial game with Joe Burrow and the best receiving trio in the league: Chase-Higgins-Boyd. Only doubts about the ground game prevent the Bengals from aiming a little higher.

4- San Francisco 49ers

There are far too many talented players in this offense (Deebo Smauel, George Kittle, Christian McCaffrey, Brandon Aiyuk, Trent Williams…) and top-notch offensive coaching not to put the 49ers in the top 5. It doesn’t matter who throws the ball…

5- Buffalo Bills

Buffalo can thank its fantastic quarterback because between the desires elsewhere of Stefon Diggs, the lack of certainty concerning the offensive line or the skill-players, the Bills could be much lower.

6- Miami Dolphins

A little risk-taking here by putting the Dolphins at the gates of the top 5. In addition to the excellent duo Tyreek Hill – Jalen Waddle, a safe bet, we are banking on the progress of Tua Tagovailoa and his offensive line in 2023 to justify this ranking.

7- Dallas Cowboys

4th in scoring last year, the Cowboys should be able to do just as well with the return of Tyron Smith, the arrival of Brandon Cooks and a released Tony Pollard. Be careful all the same with the change of offensive coordinator and that Dak Prescott is not irregular again in 202.

8 – Los Angeles Chargers

Kellen Moore who “reveals” the full potential of Justin Herbert? The hype is high here and the multitude of targets will allow the Chargers to be a top 10 attack without a doubt.

9 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Calvin Ridley will be the expected No. 1 for the Jaguars. Trevor Lawrence has found his cruising speed, the TOP 10 attack is on the right track.

10 – Minnesota Vikings

Yes it’s high for a team with an offensive line and a ground game that raises questions. But the Vikings have the best non-quarterback player in the league with Justin Jefferson.

11 – Baltimore Ravens

A Lamar Jackson in form is a Lamar Jackson who gains yards. Do not doubt it.

12 – Detroit Lions

Hard position for the team which finished 5th in scoring last year. But we still have doubts about the receivers and in front of them it has not slowed down in the offensive arms race.

13 – Seattle Seahawks

What if the best receiver trio in 2023 was there?

14 – New-York Jets

The quadruple MVP will be the barometer of the Jets season. In a team with weapons (but also doubts), Rodgers has the talent to make this attack pass in the top 10. Finally on paper… Remains with the reality of the field. We look forward

15 – Cleveland Browns

One of the most formidable ground attacks thanks to Nick Chubb (the real best runner in the league) and an aerial attack that could finally find the rhythm. The elements are there to make Cleveland one of the good offenses of the season.

16 – New-York Giants

Brian Daboll is an offensive genius given how he transformed the New York attack in 2022. 2023 should therefore start again on the same standards but the missing piece may still be missing to pass a level.

17 – New-Orleans Saints

Can Derek Carr stabilize this aerial attack? Can Michael Thomas get back in shape? Certainly questions, but talent (Olave, Kamara, …) which allows New-Orleans to hope in the shadows.

18 – Las Vegas Raiders

Coach McDaniels remains an enigma but his attack should continue to benefit from the talents of Josh Jacobs and Davante Adams. Two talents armed to make this attack at least a mid-table attack.

19 – Pittsburgh Steelers

The franchise has given itself the means to do much better in attack. We are also betting on a big season for George Pickens. But it must be recognized that for the moment we are betting more on progress than certainties.

20 – Atlanta Falcons

A champion attack at the time of the VCR. Besides the joke, with two so-called generational talents (Bijan Robinson and Kyle Pitts), the Falcons could quickly take off in the standings.

21 – Denver Broncos

On potential, the Broncos offense should be higher. But at time T, we haven’t seen anything yet.

22 – Chicago Bears

With the weapons recovered in the off-season, Justin Fields is at the crossroads between grizzly bear or Booba the little bear…

23 – Green Bay Packers

Solid fundamentals and a young guard who want to prove to the former king what they are worth. More interesting than it may seem.

24 – Tennessee Titans

Probably top 5 in the Power Ranking of attacks 3 years ago.

25 – New-England Patriots

The return of Bill O’Brien and the quality of the line allow the Pats not to sink because the aerial attack is not really a dream.

26 – Los Angeles Rams

We give the benefit of the doubt to ex-champions, but with Stafford and Kupp injured, and a half-retired McVay, the Rams look more like lambs.

27 – Washington Commanders

Skill-players with talent and potential but a dubious offensive line and an almost rookie quarterback. Can Eric Bieniemy bring this attack to a level?

28 – Carolina Panthers

No star but duty players. A promising young quarterback. Enough to make the Panthers roar? Not sure…

29 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Of course with a Mike Evans – Chris Goodwin duo, the Buccaneers deserve better. But with a new offensive coordinator, an X-factor Baker Mayfield and probably the league’s worst running squad, Tampa Bay isn’t a scary offense heading into the season.

30 – Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray should miss the start of the season and there is little talent in this attack… it is very far to make it a formidable attack.

31 – Indianapolis Colts

Same story as the Texans but this time with a dubious outside offensive line… In addition the team wants to part with its best offensive player. Don’t count on Indy to blow up the scoreboard

32 – Houston Texans

A rookie quarterback, no top receiver, a dubious inside offensive line, new coaching… It’s hard to imagine the Texans doing anything other than playing the bottom line on offense.

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