Get to Know Mackenyu Arata: The Rising Star of One Piece Live Action

2023-09-04 04:00:35

One Piece Live Action which aired a few days ago on Netflix reaped public attention. Infinite to fans dubbed like, but those who have never followed either the manga or the anime are also curious about this action-packed pirate adventure story. Not a few thought that the adaptation of the Japanese cartoon by Eiichiro Oda exceeded their expectations.

World-building presented neatly and epic, the plot that is summarized is interesting although not completely the same as the two-dimensional version, as well as the selection of actors according to the characteristics of each character. Apparently, Oda had a hand in behind it casting itu, Beauties.

Those who witnessed One Piece fell in love with the cast, namely Iñaki Godoy, Emily Rudd, Taz Skylar, Jacob Romero, and Mackenyu Arata.

Interestingly, a few days after the broadcast, the character of Roronoa Zoro, played by Japanese actor Mackenyu, immediately caught the attention, and even became trending topic on X (Twitter). Swordsmanship as a character swordsman plus a successful handsome face makes viewers fascinated.

So, who exactly is Mackenyu? Let’s read his profile, beauties!


Mackenyu Arata sebagai Roronoa Zoro di One Piece Live Action/ Photo:

Mackenyu Arata was born on November 16, 1996 in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is the eldest son of martial artist Sonny Chiba and his ex-wife, Tamami Chiba. The father, who died in August 2021, also had a second son who is no less an actor, namely Gordon Maeda.

Mackenyu had attended Beverly Hills High School before settling in Japan, then started his career as an actor.


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