Red Dead Online players will have a funeral for the game – a year after the release of the last expansion

If Rockstar is more or less actively developing GTA Online, then with Red Dead Online the situation is much worse. Since July 13, 2021, players have not received new content, and therefore, on the anniversary of the release of the last major update called “Blood Money” arrange network action funeral.

Right in the game:

Put on your best funeral attire, invite your friends, tag us in your photos and use hashtags!

Wednesday, July 13 Are you in business?

According to rumors, next week the players Red Dead Online they will get a speaker and small buns, but you definitely shouldn’t think about something grandiose.

As for the players, this is not the first attempt to draw the attention of developers to the lack of support for the game: there have already been boycotts, hashtags on Twitter, clown flash mobs and much more.

Will Rockstar listen to their community this time?

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