Regional Economic Development Index: Measuring Well-being in Chile’s Regions

2023-08-09 15:21:09

In recent decades, the development of countries has been increasingly measured in relation to the increase in well-being, understood as the self-realization or happiness of the population. According to this approach of development as well-being, economic development refers to the increase in the contribution to well-being of economic aspects such as monetary income, work, consumption and the acquisition of durable goods, access to basic services and the contribution to the social Security. This study presents a regional economic development index for the regions of Chile, prepared according to a welfare approach, for the period between 2013 and 2017. It is observed that the determinants of economic development depend on the preferences of the inhabitants of each region, and that the most important variables are the increase in monetary income and Internet access. Calculations in the Stata statistical software for the preparation, calculation and updating of the index for future periods are also included, using the information available in the National Socioeconomic Characterization Surveys.

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