Remembering Claude Got: A Champion of Road Safety and Advocate for Assisted Suicide

2023-08-11 19:56:37

Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and “deeply affected by the death of his wife”, Claude Got, “he went to Belgium for an assisted suicide, according to his wishes”, clarified to AFP Jean-Yves Lamant, president of the League against road violence, informed of the death by the family of the deceased.

His disappearance was also confirmed to AFP by the French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction.

“Expert among experts in accidentology”, “constantly consulted” and “requested by most governments” on road safety issues, Mr. Got has “worked hand in hand with the League against road violence” for more than 20 years, added Mr. Laman.

He was “the Mr. road safety in France for 60 years” and “all his conclusions were authoritative”, summarizes the president of the association.

This pathologist was a member of the committee of experts of the National Road Safety Council (CNSR) but also president of the scientific college of the French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction and honorary professor of the René-Descartes University of Medicine (now Université Paris- Quoted).

Claude Got began his career as an intern in Paris hospitals, then head of clinic before heading to pneumology, intensive care and finally pathological anatomy.

In this capacity, he carried out autopsies of accident victims to develop biomechanical knowledge of the lesions produced by accidents.

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