Rescued: Kidnapped Girl Saves Herself with “Help Me” Note

2023-07-22 13:26:00

22.07.2023 15:26

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With this note, the girl was able to save herself. ©US District Court; Canvas

A kidnapped girl in California has been rescued three days after the 13-year-old held up a piece of paper that read “Help me” in her captor’s car.

A passer-by saw her in the parked car and then called 911, police in Long Beach, south of Los Angeles, said on Thursday. The car had stopped in front of a laundromat where the girl’s alleged kidnapper had been washing clothes.

The 61-year-old is said to have threatened the girl with a gun on July 6 in San Antonio, Texas, more than 2,000 kilometers away and forced her into the car. The child was freed three days later. Two sexual assaults are said to have occurred during the kidnapping, prosecutors said on Thursday.

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