Latest News: Mount Etna Eruption 2023 – Europe’s Largest Active Volcano

2023-11-12 19:33:00 12.11.2023 20:33 (Akt. 12.11.2023 20:33) Etna is spewing lava again ©APA/AFP On the Italian Mediterranean island of Sicily, Europe’s largest active volcano, Etna, spewed large amounts of glowing lava into the sky on Sunday. In the evening, a thick cloud of lava, igneous gases and rock stood over the mountain, which is more … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Voice Analysis: Detecting Diabetes Symptoms through Voice

2023-10-29 13:36:00 29.10.2023 15:36 (Akt. 29.10.2023 15:36) The artificial intelligence identified 14 acoustic features that were different between people with and without diabetes. ©Canva Artificial intelligence detects diabetes based on your voice. Just 10 seconds of audio could soon be enough to diagnose the disease. It may soon be possible to detect diabetes just by … Read more

Gruesome Discovery: Three Dead Newborns Found in Neglected Home in Poland

2023-09-17 11:23:00 17.09.2023 13:23 (Akt. 17.09.2023 13:23) In Poland, police found three baby bodies in a neglected single-family home. ©Wojtek RADWANSKI / AFP (symbol image) In Poland, the police made a gruesome discovery: the police found the bodies of three newborn babies in the basement of a neglected single-family home in Pomerania. A 20-year-old woman … Read more

Tragic Train Accident Claims Four Lives Near Barcelona: Crossing the Tracks vs. Pedestrian Underpasses

2023-09-11 05:00:00 11.09.2023 07:00 (Akt. 11.09.2023 07:00) Four people have died near Barcelona after being hit by a suburban train. A group of seven people tried to cross the tracks near the Montmeló station when it was already getting dark. it was said. Accidents often occur on suburban train routes when people try to cross … Read more

Ammo Negotiations: Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin Discuss Arms Deliveries to Ukraine

2023-09-04 20:22:00 4.09.2023 22:32 (Akt. 4.09.2023 22:40) It is said to be about arms deliveries to Ukraine ©APA/AFP According to a report by the New York Times, North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un wants to travel to Russia to negotiate arms deliveries with President Vladimir Putin. Moscow is concerned with securing supplies of weapons and ammunition … Read more

Africa Climate Summit: Expanding Renewable Energies and Financing Climate Protection Projects

2023-09-03 20:40:00 3.09.2023 22:40 (Akt. 3.09.2023 22:50) Final preparations for the premiere summit ©APA/AFP The first Africa climate summit begins on Monday in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. During the three-day meeting, the focus will be on expanding renewable energies and financing climate protection projects in Africa. African heads of state, representatives from other governments and the … Read more