Retiree Exposes Shocking Supermarket Price Scam: The Joyce Deacon Story

2023-10-24 17:25:00

Joyce Deacon, 73, a retiree from the south of England, revolted at the prices in a supermarket in her town, and wanted to share her dissatisfaction with the English newspaper The Mirror.

This episode takes place in a particularly tense context in England, where inflation has exploded this year, strongly affecting the most precarious.

What shocked Joyce was the price of a bottle of water she had purchased a month earlier. She claims that Poundstretcher, a major low-cost supermarket brand in England, increased the price from 2.80 euros to 4.50 euros.

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She said: “I was absolutely furious. I want other people to know that companies scam people all the time. I feel horrible because discount stores are supposed to help low-income people.”

She complained to the staff and even wrote to the store’s headquarters to denounce this significant price difference. He told her that the price she had previously paid was in reality a promotion during the summer.

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“This bottle is worth £3 at most, no more. There was no sticker or anything on it, and I feel like they are trying to scam me. For some, it’s not much, but when you’re retired, every penny counts. »

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