Revolutionary Smart Tattoos: Changing the Future of Health Monitoring

2023-08-01 07:54:48

Smart tattoos could one day monitor your health © adobe stock

American and British researchers are developing “intelligent” tattoos. These tattoos change colors depending on your state of health.

Health indicator tattoos

Measure in real time your state of health thanks to tattoos is the crazy bet of several American and British researchers. Dr Ali Yetisen is a research fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. He invented ” tattoos who change color in response to external stimuli,” reports the American channel CNN.

The tattoo monitors your blood sugar or liver

The London scientist’s clever tattoos read:

The blood sugar level in case of diabetes,
kidney function, liver function (foie),
the level of dehydration.

These tattoos are still in the study stage.

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A tattoo that measures the risk of skin cancer

On the US side, Dr. Carson Bruns is working on smart tattoos to help monitor radiation or exposure to rayons UV and, indirectly the risk of skin cancer. He developed with his team invisible tattoo which “would reveal itself when exposed to UV light, such as when a person has been in the sun for too long,” reports CNN. This tattoo becomes invisible again when the person goes without sunscreen or goes into the shade.

Clever tattoos to develop

Smart tattoos are just in their infancy. According to Dr. Daniel Kraft, “smart tattoos are at beginning of their development“, he told CNN. “Low-cost temporary health-related tattoos could even play a role in the health screening and in global health and low-resource public health settings,” he added in an email to the US news channel.

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