RoboCop arrived at Fortnite – The Third

Epic Games does not stop and continues adding well-known characters to Fortnite. Thus, after the imminent additions due to the premiere of Doctor Strange 2now the popular video game added to nothing more and nothing less than RoboCop.

The title character from Paul Verhoeven’s classic 1987 film will be available in Fortnite Starting this Saturday, May 14, and, as is tradition in the game, they will not only be able to use the RoboCop skin to fight with characters from other franchises, but they will also be able to access accessories inspired by the history of the policeman of the future.

Indeed Epic Games explained RoboCop’s suit includes the LEG-209 backpacking accessory and they can also purchase ED-209’s leg as a pickaxe and use the Mini ED-209 emote to ride Mini ED-209.

RoboCop is now available on Fortnite.

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